Burglars Booming, Rest of Us Bust

Tesco may be trying to convince us otherwise, but we know it’s not Christmasvtime just yet. We valiantly run the gauntlet, avoiding so much as glancing at the aisle containing the boxes of Roses, the tinsel and the fake plastic trees, as we shop for a humble microwave dinner. We cling on to this time of year because we enjoy the bonfires, the fireworks, and the general air of anticipation that comes with November in Britain.

‘Tis the season for burglaries too, however, as insurance giants Aviva have just revealed. According to a survey of 16 police stations, burglaries increase by 26% at this time of year. That’s over a quarter, for any maths fans out there. It really is a staggering increase, especially when you consider that on Bonfire night alone, the increase this year stretched to 28%.

Seemingly, as the good people of the world are heading to work in the dark, and then home again eight hours later under cover of darkness, burglars are out in force. The lengthy nights provide ample opportunity for the Pink Panthers of the world to help themselves to everything in your home that isn’t bolted down, Aviva warns us. Burglars are more comfortable operating in the dark, naturally, and it becomes easy for them to tell at a glance that your house is empty.

To counter this alarming statistic, leave a visible light on if you’re heading away for a few days, or ask your friendly neighbour to park their car out front. No neighbours? Wary of wasting electricity? Ask a friend to look in on your place, and take your post off the doorstep for you. That way you can head away without a worry, and we can all fight the onslaught of Christmas, and enjoy November.


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