Admiral – the Kid-Friendly Car Insurer

If you’ve got young children, chances are you’ll think a little more carefully that single households when you’re buying car insurance. After all, there are a number of additional factors to be taken into consideration, from your children’s own health and safety to the simple fact that having kids in the car can sometimes make driving more stressful.

Thankfully, someone’s got their eye on the young ‘uns. Customers of Admiral’s multicar insurance policy will find that, in addition to the £100 of cover for personal belongings included in the policy, they’re now covered for up to £300 of damage to a number of kids’ items.

The cover means that customers are insured for loss or damage to child seats, booster seats, prams, pushchairs – as well as the same amount of cover (£300) for theft of a handbag and its contents. This is great news for mums and dads; it’s easy to spend hundreds of pounds on a pushchair, and knowing that it’s completely safe while stashed in your car is going to provide additional peace of mind to parents across the UK.

David Halliday, the acting MD of Admiral, noted: “Being involved in an accident or having your car broken into can be an incredibly stressful experience, but this can be made even worse for families due to the paraphernalia they need to carry in their car. Current laws require parents to secure their children in appropriate car seats or booster seats. These can be damaged after any accident, even if they don’t seem to be, and it’s best to replace them as they may not function correctly in the future. The last thing a parent would want to do is risk their child’s safety so it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

It looks like motoring parents might just have a new favourite car insurance provider in Admiral, who have certainly gone out of their way to make things safer and more secure for families under their multicar insurance policy. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference when it comes to buying car insurance.

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