Cat Got the Cream; Needs an Insurance Policy

My girlfriend and I are facing a predictable predicament. When cooing and gushing over the litter of kittens on the floor, this dilemma did not make itself known of course. The question, incidentally, was this: who’s going to insure these delectable fur balls?

The internet is a veritable blizzard of deals, so we donned our virtual snow jackets and visors and went forth. You must buy pet insurance with your eyes open, we were told. It is, after all, a provision put in place for predominantly low-probability, high-cost issues.

A good barometer of quality is looking into industry-standard agencies and bodies, and paying heed to their assertions. One of the things we did right away was look at the Consumer Moneyfacts Awards 2011.

The winner of Best Pet Insurance Provider was M&S Money. Wryly averring that she ‘always liked their sandwiches’, my girlfriend was buoyed, and so we began painstakingly trawling through policies and comparing them with other providers.

While M&S Pet Insurance also picked up a five-star rating by financial research company Defaqto, I was more interested in how the company made itself available to customers. Reassuringly, M&S have a free, 24-hour pet helpline (‘vetfone’) ensuring total assistance when it comes to queries about your pet’s health. A qualified veterinary nurse on the end of your insurer’s line is a welcome touch.

Policy-wise, M&S’s Standard option offers up to £4,000 in veterinary fees across one year, and £600 in advertising costs if your pet goes missing. An additional £600 for a reward is made available with the Standard cover.

Cats don’t really have nine lives. A good pet insurance policy is never a bad idea.


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