Watch Out for Defective Tyres

This month, Churchill have been keeping an eye on the nation’s defective tyres. The British insurer reports that the road safety organisation TyreSafe have warned that there is a high number of UK motorists currently driving with defective tyres.

Churchill also reports that last year, over 9,000 people were successfully convicted for driving with unsuitable tyres; in other words, it’s not just the safety of yourself and those around you which is at stake when you drive with faulty tyres. You’re also breaking the law, and could be fined up to £2,500 for driving with defective tyres.

What’s more, these estimates are likely to be only a fraction of the total number of cars being driven on the road with faulty tyres in the UK, as the figures don’t account for those vehicles which are stopped by the police at the roadside.

Jimmy Russell, the chairman of TyreSafe, told Churchill that “Tyres play a vital role in road safety, so these latest figures are very worrying. Not only is there still a high level of ignorance about tyre care, but perhaps even more alarming is that many motorists continue to drive on tyres that they know are illegal or dangerous.”

In other words, it’s essential that you keep your tyres in good condition; after all, if you’re keen to keep your driving record clean and your insurance claim-free, having tyres in tip-top condition will play an important role in this. If you suspect there’s anything wrong with your tyres, don’t hesitate to get them checked out by a mechanic – better that than risking the prospect of a hefty fine should the worst ever happen and you get caught with bald tyres.

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