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51% of customers paid £122 or less for a Building and Contents Home Insurance policy online, between 01 June 2014 – 31 November 2014. Excludes add-ons.

Key Benefits

Majority of Churchill Home Customers paid £122 or less for their Home Insurance. Good news for Home owners! 51% of customers paid £122 or less for a Building and Contents Home Insurance policy online, between 01 June 2014 – 31 November 2014. Excludes add-ons.
Legal Advice Line - Churchill offer a free 24/7 legal advice helpline, where experts will be able to answer any legal concerns you may have. 
Alternative Accommodation – if you’re left without a roof over your head Churchill will provide you will alternative accommodation.- (policy limits apply)
£500,000 Building Cover - As standard, Churchill will insure every home up to a level of £500,000. This includes fire, theft, storm damage, flooding, burst pipes, subsidence, vandalism and theft. This cover applies to both your home and to its contents.
£50,000 Contents Cover - As standard, Churchill will insure the contents of your home up to a level of £50,000. They will even insure cash that is kept in the house, up to £300.
24 Hour Emergency Helpline - Everyone needs someone to turn to in an emergency. Churchill have just one number you can call, day or night.
Repair Guarantee - Churchill offer a 12 month guarantee on buildings works that are carried out by their approved repairers

About Churchill Home Insurance

Churchill are a company whose expertise means that they warrant consideration. In addition to the wide-ranging level of cover they can offer on home and contents insurance, Churchill are also able to provide a range of attractive discounts to new and existing customers. Typically, the longer you have gone without submitting a claim, the higher the level of discount you can expect.

Aside from any monetary benefits that may be imparted by switching to Churchill, the policy itself is replete with a number of useful features designed to aid the customer. Although every building is different, Churchill have tailored their policy to be as simple as possible.

The many optional extras that Churchill offer are one of the prime benefits to be reaped from choosing them as an insurer. For an extra add-on, the company will undertake cover on accidental damage and personal possessions such as bicycles. They can also provide family legal protection and home emergency cover.

Churchill offers a number of optional extras that you can add on to your Churchill home insurance policy.

Accidental Damage  - cover safeguards valuable and potentially vulnerable equipment such as TVs and computers. It also covers glass and mirrors against breakages and insurers against everyday spillages that are an occupational hazard which every living room carpet must face.

Personal Possessions Cover  - safeguards your possessions when being used outside of the home. This is a useful option for anyone who intends on travelling abroad or who often steps out carrying a camera or mobile phone. This cover will even insure cash that is being carried about your person, to a value of £300, and credit cards up to £600. Standard personal possessions cover can be used to collectively insure items up to a value of £2,500, with the option to increase this if necessary.

Family Legal Protection - helps with disputes that occur to many of us from day to day. Whether it’s a bad holiday experience or bad workmanship on your home, Churchill’s legal protection can help, and costing only 7p a day. Cover includes legal cost up to £50,000 and cover for all legal cost whether you win or not. Plus there is no excess to pay.

Home Emergency Cover - If your heating or electricity fails in your home or your front door lock breaks, Churchill home emergency cover will not only pay for any repairs, (up to £500) but they will help arrange a tradesman to repair any problems.

Bike Cover - With over 100,000 bikes stolen each year in the UK, it may be worth considering adding Churchill’s bike cover to you home insurance policy. This cover will replace, repair, or cover the costs of your bike if it’s lost, stolen or damaged.

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