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M&S Pet Insurance provides you with great value cover for illnesses or accidents that may befall your pet.

When you take out M&S pet insurance online you will save 15%. (excludes renewals, subject to minimum premiums)

Save 15% Online - Save even more on an already low-cost premium by purchasing your M&S Pet Insurance online and save up to 15%.(excludes renewals, subject to minimum premiums)
Vet Fees up to £7,000 - Premium cover offers an extensive range of benefits should your pet need special care from a qualified vet. The higher veterinarian fee limit of £7,000 covers just about any illness or accident for which your pet might require specialist care.
Vetfone Access - M&S Pet Insurance gives all its policyholders access to a telephone line (open 24/7) that allows you to talk to a specialist pet nurse if you think your pet requires assistance. It is important that your pet has access to treatment without delay and M&S pet insurance is dedicated to provide you with just that.
Unlimited Access to Your Vet - You need to be sure that your pet has access to specialist care whenever it needs it and all of the M&S Pet Insurance products allow you to take your pet to the veterinarian for as many visits as required in the space of one year. M&S pet insurance products provide all the benefits you require to enable you to make these visits up to the annual limit. 

2 Levels of Cover

Standard cover includes £4,000 for veterinarian fees across one year, with a £1,000 limit for each visit. It also provides £600 for advertising expenses if your pet is missing and £600 for a reward. Your pet will also be insured for death from injury and death from an illness, with a benefit of £600 in either case. In addition, standard cover has a £1,000,000 third party liability cover for dogs only. This is available if your dog’s actions result in a civil case being brought against you.
Premium cover goes much further and ensures that your pet is fully covered for almost any eventuality. It increases the veterinarian fee limit to £7,000 and there is no limit on the amount paid for each visit to the vet’s. In addition, premium cover pays for prescription food and many other veterinarian fees that standard cover does not.

Finding a missing pet can be expensive, with the premier policy M&S will offer you up to £1,250 towards advertising costs and £750 for a reward. The premier policy also includes cover for holiday cancellation, quarantine costs, loss of a pet passport and repeat tick and worm treatment. There are a number of other benefits not included in standard cover, which are listed in the policy documentation.

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